Ken Goodlad

Ken Goodlad

Digital Workplace Coordinator

Scottish Government

The Scottish Government   

Ken Goodlad is a career civil servant with 14 years experience of delivering change within and outwith the walls of operational government. His early years were spent in digital even before the term "digital" became popular. He worked as an in-house software developer building small-scale applications to digitize corporate processes. After a number of years introducing improvements to the internal workings of government, Ken left the world of digital behind and branched into mainstream policy where he spent 5 years working on change initiatives in domestic and European policy. He returned to digital 4 years ago to steer the introduction of new technologies and supporting culture change to improve how the Scottish Government communicates, engages and collaborates internally and with citizens. He currently leads implementation of the Scottish Government’s workplace strategy that merges the digital, physical and cultural worlds.

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