Bootcamp 1

Transformational Leadership for Technology Adoption: A Change Management Bootcamp

The continuously rapid pace of change presents a constant influx of opportunities and risks to be managed through technological change. Learn and apply essential skills in change management for leadership and technology adoption to support your digital workplace initiatives:

  • Models for successful enterprise change management
  • Power, persuasion and negotiation skills to influence people
  • Tools for tracking, analyzing and applying insights to increase adoption.

Leadership for the Digital Workplace

Executive level, team leaders, emerging DW org leaders, IT, Comms, Ops, HR

Sample titles:
Chief Experience Officer, CTO, Director of Digital Experience, VP of HR, Senior Director of Smart Workplace

Bootcamp 2

Design Your Digital Workplace Program

A well-designed Digital Workplace roadmap is the framework for a self-sustaining program with measurable returns on employee engagement and department investments. In this day-long bootcamp, map out the essential components to your new program, or revisit your existing program with fresh eyes, as we walk through:

  • Building a business case for your digital workplace program
  • Ownership, governance and the critical first steps for teams to execute
  • Analytics, measurement and benchmarking

Digital Workplace Operations

Leaders in IT, HR and digital teams

Sample titles:
Digital Experience Product Manager, Digital Strategist, Director of Digital Engineering, Managing Director of Technology, VP of Analytics, VP of Experience Design

Bootcamp 3

Build the Framework of Successful Employee Experiences

Design your business’s employee experience with data, customization and intent to better engage your teams, increase retention and elicit greater innovation and efficiencies from your teams. This bootcamp covers the essential components to creating great employee experiences:

  • How to develop, and derive operational value from, employee personas
  • Employee journey mapping and Voice of Employee programs
  • Platforms and practices for experience analytics and optimization

Optimizing the Employee Experience

Leaders in IT, HR and digital teams

Sample titles:
Head of Employee Experience, Senior Director of DX, VP of People, Director of HR Process, Technology and DW

Bootcamp 4

Do More with Microsoft: A Primer on the Dependencies, Obstacles and Opportunities in O365, Teams and SharePoint

All organizations are tackling how to best integrate popular and powerful Microsoft platforms and garner increased adoption. In this intensive primer, fast-track toward fuller adoption as you:

  • Align your business needs to O365, prioritizing and eliminating confusion around use opportunities
  • Identify the dependencies and hidden opportunities for collaboration within Teams
  • Learn little-known tricks to maximizing business capabilities within the modern SharePoint

Digital Workplace Platforms & Modernizing IT

IT leaders and practitioners

Sample titles:
Senior Analyst of DX, Enterprise Application Architect, M365 Product Owner, Managing Director of IT Services, Head of Digital Communications and Workplace Experience, IT Engagement Manager, Intranet Manager, Head of Digital Engineering

Bootcamp 5

Level Up Your Enterprise IQ through Improved Search and Findability

Advance your organization’s success at finding and sharing its knowledge resources. In this day-long lab on search and findability, learn the essential frameworks:

  • Knowledge management models used in successful Fortune 500 businesses
  • Taxonomies, ontologies, content types and governance needs
  • Design components to create (or recreate) quality content navigation

Enterprise IQ: Knowledge and Learning Systems

Knowledge Management and Intranet practitioners

Sample titles:
Knowledge Specialist, Intranet/Portal Manager, Digital Content Supervisor, Enterprise Architect Consultant, EIM Leader

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