Brendan O'Neil

Brendan O'Neil

Director of Partner and Channel Strategy
Brendan O'Neil is the Director of Partner and Channel Strategy at Robin and a lively fan of all things workplace. He started as Robin's first salesperson when the company started and has held several roles across Sales and Marketing. He’s hosted several in-person events including Infocomm and Neocon, engaging in conversation about the workplace with companies around the world. He’s also the company’s go-to emcee for every trivia game and team-wide kickoff.

Wednesday, May 4

US/Eastern from 1 :05 PM to 1 :35 PM ( 30 mins )

[Panel] Future Tech: Essential Tools for Building a Sustainable Workplace

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Panel Discussion

Thursday, May 5

US/Eastern from 12 :10 PM to 12 :25 PM ( 15 mins )

[Demo Derby] with Culture Amp, Robin, and iOffice + SpaceIQ

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Main Stage

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