Daniel Ranta

Knowledge Management Leader



Daniel Ranta is accountable for GE-wide vision and strategy for Knowledge Sharing (KS) implementation that builds on work being done in other businesses across GE with a focus on connecting people, both internal and external, to leverage our collective GE expertise. He has 25+ years of experience in KM strategy, collaboration, content management, portal design, social networking and measuring business results.

Daniel helped GE create an enterprise-wide Knowledge Management (KM) Strategy and began implementation in early 2016. In two years, Daniel and his team designed and launched 150+ global communities for their engineering staff across GE businesses (100K members). Today, GE focuses on tacit knowledge exchanges for the engineering workforce. The expectation for the next year is set to grow to about 200 communities that engage about 150,000 employees in primary and supporting roles to our 50K+ engineers. This is the foundation of GE’s KM approach – working within and across businesses to connect employees and drive business value.

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