Nisreen Farhan

Advisor, Digital Transformation



Nisreen serves as the Advisor for Digital Transformation at IMF (International Monetary Fund). Previous to this current role she was the Chief of Internal Communications at IMF, where she managed staff engagement and corporate internal communications. She was also Deputy Chief of Public affairs, where she focused on building relationships with civil society, parliamentarians, labor unions, and think tanks, as well as overseeing the IMF’s corporate social responsibility program (IMF Giving Together). She started at the IMF in July 2001, working as an Advisor at the Executive Board of the IMF. She participated in policy deliberations and overall policy formulation at the IMF. She also worked as an Economist in the Middle East region and in Africa, working on a range of countries (middle and low income, fragile, and small states). Prior to the IMF, Nisreen taught economics at the University of Durham to undergraduate students (1999) and worked as an Economist at the Central Bank of Jordan (1995).

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