Stacey Blissett-Saavedra


New York Commission on Human Rights

New York Commission on Human Rights   

Stacey Blissett-Saavedra is an influential business executive with close to 20 years of experience ­building and transforming technology and digital teams. Stacey started her career at Apple Inc., leading a diverse group of technologists focused on customer support and problem-solving. It was there that she learned the importance of both customer centricity and deep product knowledge in designing and implementing digital transformation mandates for companies.

In her current role of Chief Information Officer at the New York City Commission on Human Rights, Stacey’s core mission is to lead a team of innovators that will usher the agency through its digital transformation. Stacey has leveraged several PaaS and SaaS tools to implement key solutions that have redefined the culture of the agency. These solutions enable staff to manage and track cases though multiple business processes, design data visualizations to effectively communicate key analytics and create and maintain detailed project plans. Committed to fostering a culture of engagement in the workplace, she has actualized an intranet that promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing throughout the agency. Together, this suite of applications has greatly enhanced the experience of New Yorkers receiving services from the Commission.

Stacey is an adept leader who emphasizes the importance of team building, diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Excited by the potential for civic technologists in this watershed moment in time, she continuously looks for ways to collaborate on digital solutions that move innovation forward.

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