What topics will be covered in the program?

Track 1

Leadership for the Digital Workplace: Building Agile, Innovative and Collaborative Teams

Leaders face increasing demands to drive innovation and change across complex and siloed organizations.

This track shares best practices for leaders in DW, from driving strategy in the face of cultural and operational challenges, to advancing digital IQ across the enterprise through big picture thinking for agile innovation and team engagement. Apply new knowledge from best-in-class case studies and hands-on learning to advance your leadership for visible and transformational results.


Executive level, team leaders, emerging DW org leaders

Who should attend:

Chief Experience Officer, CTO, Director of Digital Experience, VP of HR, Senior Director of Smart Workplace

Track 2

Digital Workplace Operations: Driving Performance and ROI

Plan and execute a performance-based digital workplace practice with results across your enterprise.

This track addresses the operations behind successful DW programs, using proven models and examples from operational leaders. Design your program with an eye on ROI, build a DW budget that aligns with C-suite priorities, and utilize the right KPIs, product management and process enhancements to support ongoing and demonstrable performance.

Who should attend:

Leaders in IT, HR and digital teams

Sample titles:

Digital Experience Product Manager, Digital Strategist, Director of Digital Engineering, Managing Director of Technology, VP of Analytics, VP of Experience Design

Track 3

Optimizing the Employee Experience: Design, Model, Measure, Optimize

How do you create the optimal employee experience?

This track provides instruction on tools and methods for creating, sustaining and improving your company’s EX. Learn to apply personas and journey mapping, human-centered design and personalization practices, and innovation frameworks like agile, scrum and kanban – in the context of EX. Then measure using workplace analytics and optimize your program to produce an EX practice with ROI for all to see.

Who should attend:

Leaders in IT, HR and digital teams

Sample Titles:

Head of Employee Experience, Senior Director of DX, VP of People, Director of HR Process, Technology and DW

Track 4

Digital Workplace Platforms & Modernizing IT

As we look ahead to 2021 and beyond, what does the landscape look like for modernizing IT departments, and relieving pain points that have persisted for years?

This track will look at enterprise platforms and practices that can bring an IT department forward quickly and with impact. We’ll look at intranet modernization, enterprise social, application management, and vendor selection and learnings, with a focus on Microsoft Office 365. Face the realities of today’s IT teams and the choices to be made to modernize, and leave with an action plan to bring your IT into the now.

Who should attend:

Leaders in IT, HR and Internal Comms

Sample Titles:

Senior Analyst of DX, Enterprise Application Architect, M365 Product Owner, Managing Director of IT Services, Head of Digital Communications and Workplace Experience, IT Engagement Manager, Intranet Manager, Head of Digital Engineering

Track 5

The R/Evolution of Work

How will you keep your business primed for the future?

Be provoked by the latest ideas around the future of work. Dig into the applicability and impact of workplace AI, augmented intelligence, robots and chatbots and the exchange of traditional workplace norms for radical work ideas. Lean in on the disruption of traditional employment structures and standard workweeks, and new ideas like biohacking and trans-humanism.

Who should attend:

Executive level, team leaders, emerging DW org leaders

Sample Titles:

CTO, CHRO, VP of People, Head of Innovation, Director of Smart Workplace, Head of Digital Engineering, DW Leader

Track 6

Enterprise IQ:  Knowledge, Development & Learning Systems

Advance your organization’s digital IQ and build workplace success through the latest in organizational learning.

Attendees in this track will gain valuable skills in a variety of knowledge systems and dissemination methods. Consider best practices for developing people and talent in the digital workplace.  Practitioners will share the keys to success in implementing multi-generational learning programs, empowering busy and disparate workforces to advance their digital acumen, and embedding learning systems and new techniques into the enterprise to drive an intelligent workplace in the face of an increasingly fast-paced and demanding work world.

Who should attend:

Leaders in HR, IT and knowledge management

Sample Titles:

CLO, VP of Organizational Development, VP of Learning & Development, Head of HR Systems, Managing Director of IT Services, Managing Director of Technology, Employee Engagement Manager, Director of HR Process, Technology and the Digital Workplace

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