Session Details

Keynote: Your Perfect Day – An Amazingly Simple Way to Innovate

Timing: Wednesday - 15:15 to 16:00

Location: Keynote Room

Inspired by his time with Steve Wozniak (Apple), Sensei Chihiro Nakao (founder of ShingiJutsu), Doug Dietz (found of Menlo), and teachings from IDEO and Standford D-School, learn how Nick has distilled dozens of teachings into an amazingly simple approach to Employee and Customer Experience. Hear stories from India, where a team uses this approach to save the lives of at-risk newborns. Follow his adventures in Haiti, as he brings world-class education to a remote school with no electricity or internet. Hear how this approach is saving GE Healthcare millions every year, creating award-winning products, and digest insights from the past few days of Digital Workplace Experience as concrete actions.

Speakers: Nick Allen of GE Healthcare

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