Session Details

Workshop: Road-Mapping Your Digital Transformation: Creating Strategic Plans and Timelines

Timing: Monday - 14:00 to 16:00

Location: Baltic/Bering

A documented strategic plan for your organization's digital transformation is critical to its success, but creating such a plan is difficult, and what should that plan look like? In this interactive workshop, find out how to align your organization's goals, processes and stakeholders; group and prioritize themes for real digital transformation and create a tactical, quarter-by-quarter roadmap you can use to socialize and execute your strategy. Learn how to map work streams for use cases, technical needs and ongoing change management. In this workshop, document your own organization's roadmap and take home a draft you can review and finalize.

Speakers: Ted Hopton of AppFusions , Shaun Slattery of AppFusions

Leadership and Transformation

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