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Simpler Media Group, Inc. (“SMG”) is the parent company of CMSWire, a popular online publication launched in 2003. As a digitally native publication, CMSWire has successfully grown at a time when print publications struggle with digital strategy.

The publication’s coverage has expanded over the years to reflect the evolution of B2B software, with a current focus on three broad topic areas: digital customer experience, enterprise collaboration and the digital workplace, and enterprise information management.

Today CMSWire serves an audience of more than 2.5 million readers worldwide, with the majority of the readership located in North America and Europe. We produce approximately 200 articles per month, aligned broadly around our three main topic areas as well as our monthly editorial calendar.

Digital Workplace Experience, launched in 2017, is SMG/CMSWire’s second industry conference. Focused on digital workplace tools and strategy, it complements our annual DX Summit, which offers insights about digital customer experience. DX Summit launched in 2015.

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Read some of CMSWire’s coverage on the digital workplace and related topics:

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